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Zap Down our Paywall & Read Right Now! Read Librarian Detective Parts 1 – 4 right in your browser, by Zapping down our paywalls. You can access Skylar’s story on your tablet, mobile phone, laptop or desktop, and start reading on the go. #bookstr #books #amreading

Since I last shared this project, we’ve cleaned up the links so you can Zap down the paywalls for Parts 1 – 4 of Librarian Detective. That’s 20 chapters (4 parts of 5 chapters each), or 80% of the book. Check it out and let us know what your experience is like. Each part is currently 2K sats, which is an introductory discount for Nostr users.

We’re using Librarian Detective as a book marketing experiment. if you check out the website, you’ll see you can read an excerpt, and then zap through a paywall and read right on your phone in the web browser, without having to go to an online bookstore, going through checkout, downloading the book, and pulling it up on your device. We’ve moved to a seamless experience.

We’d love feedback on this experiment, so if you have any, please do let me know!—Michelle