Women Who Surf

GET UP!!! (Me during my third surfing session 🙂

What do entrepreneurs and surfers have in common? A command of their fear, or else we’re facing certain failure.

How are female entrepreneurs, especially, learning to adapt in order to survive in a man’s world? Does it always have to be so, that we are an adaptation? Are we creating our own space with new rules?

I’m looking through an issue of Surfer Magazine from October 1991. There are no women featured surfing in the magazine editorial photos at all. There is one woman in a bikini ad, one woman in a bikini for a footwear ad, and one unidentified woman in a party pic with a pro surfer. That’s it! But the competition stats are included on a page in the back, so we know women surfers were out there, competing. It’s just wasn’t important to picture them as a face of the sport. Women in surfing were invisible.

So what’s changed since then? How many women have entered the sport, and how far have we come since movies such as Blue Crush attracted and/or highlighted more women on the waves? It’s been 18 years since that movie, 29 since the surfer mag era.

Coming from SF, I’ve noticed a new trend of female entrepreneurs surfing, and taking it very seriously. It’s empowering the way fighting the fear of the two activities is easier when conquering them together. While learning to surf in Oahu, I saw another trend: that of women surfing while pregnant, sometimes very pregnant.

It’s my responsibility to report on the way I see the world changing. As a women in her 40s, and an entrepreneur, it’s been life changing learning how to surf. Once I got up, nothing could hold me back. And I’m not stopping. We need to share the stories of female surfers with the readers who need them.

Please email info@inthestacks.tv for the full story pitch. Cheers—Michelle Z.