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SkylarCover2Think Librarians are too timid to try and take down a killer? Think again. Seeking truth and justice is what we do.

The night Skylar sees a young woman being drugged and dragged out of a bar in her Nob Hill neighborhood, she’s seriously alarmed. And when she makes the choice to follow them, her life is changed forever.

When horrible things happen, why do we look the other way? Even admitting crime takes place in our community is taboo.

The police either won’t or can’t pursue the case, and it goes cold. Skylar sees a different way. The serial killer is using dating and driving apps to target women in San Francisco. She makes the decision to put her library research and digital librarian hacker skills to good use.

Skylar Saffron, Librarian Detective is born.

The writing in Librarian Detective draws from my experiences while getting my masters in library and information science, a field that’s undergoing a major transformation. Modern librarians are hip and smart. My protagonist Skylar is part super sweet sleuth Nancy Drew and intrepid Bailey Weggins with a touch of hacker punk Lisbeth Salander thrown in plus a little BatGirl (and she’s into fashion!).

A note on how I’m telling this story: Along with reading the main action, told in 25 chapters in five parts, you’ll be able to read my blog entries at Librarian Detective, where I reveal my investigative process. Readers can comment on the chapters and blogs, submit tips on the website, find clues on Placing Literature and follow along and interact on social media via Twitter at @LibrarianDetect.

Members of our SF Librarian Meetup have also devised an interactive game surrounding the online experience. I’ve commissioned the acclaimed artist Kim Frohsin to create the cover art.

About Michelle Zaffino
Michelle Zaffino has over 15 years of magazine and online publishing, writing, information architecture, copywriting and editing experience. She worked in New York for publications such as Redbook, Elle, Sports Afield and Esquire, and while managing the research department at Marie Claire, she wrote Does Your Man Need A Makeover?, which inspired tv’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Now living in San Francisco, she works as an information architect and digital librarian consultant and has been published in Marie Claire, Redbook, Sports Afield, SEEN, Double Negative, Sportswear International, IndiePlanet, Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood, The Bold Italic, Her Fab Life, the Sephora blog, Eco Fashion World, Eco to the People and In the Stacks video book review. She recently completed her first teen novel, How Good It Can Be, a sequel, The Love Quad, a historical novel for teens, and is currently working on a time travel series for young adults, a memoir, and a library/publishing startup.