My Story, Part 1

Note: This is a work in progress.

Writing fiction is one of the most liberating things I’ve done in my life. Hoping and intending that my stories will inspire others, and enhance their lives in a positive way, is a real motivating force. Sharing our unique views of the world can be very powerful.

Creating a community that has the power to raise awareness of more diverse stories is an amazing thing. Helping these voices rise creates a more inclusive world. I’m not inspired by hearing the same kinds of stories, from people with the same origin of experience. It’s the rare stories that are more impressive.

And when librarians recommend a book, and add it to a list of books they love, they raise it to a new level. After being put on a list, awareness of my books increased, and so did sales.

Writing is my meditation. Writing is as good as therapy. When the flow of creativity is on, the words rush out of me, and fall in transformational loops that rearrange the way we feel, and it is a truly magical experience.

I hope my writing serves all people who love to read, and I hope In the Stacks book recommendations help all people find the next book that might change their life.

Thank you for reading.—Michelle