My Qest 4 Machine Scan Results

Have you heard of the Qest 4 bio-energetic testing machine? The process is similar to an onboarding session of homeopathy, where practitioners ask a health-related question and get a response directly from the body, but Qest 4 is done energetically. I’ve been read by both humans and machines before but not like this. The best is, during Qest 4 sessions, the practitioner clears you, right then and there, so there’s no waiting for weeks for the treatment.

Things, people and experiences always come to you at exactly the right time. It’s been a year of transformative change, mostly positive for me, even while pain in the parts of the world around me continues and I have compassion for that. And yet because of the stumbling blocks I’ve come up against, I sense there is further evolvement to do on my part to reach an even higher level, so I continue the self-development work.

I’m grateful that 2020 made us clearly see what was broken, so we can fix it.

So much has been cleared out, yet the distant past still clings. In the last decade I’ve done what I can to release the old stories, by writing about the events, to try and put them to bed. And to share how I grappled with the challenges and moved on from them.

Something is still sticking, thought, and recently when I met a man I’m attracted to, past stories came up for both of us, delaying the start of the relationship. I’m here to take responsibility for my stuff—any old baggage—and so the next experiment to cross my path is the Qest 4.

It’s a machine. A healing machine. During my first scan, I took the Qest 4 and held the sensor bars with both hands for 10 minutes until its work was complete. It returned 65 pages of results of energy information related to my inquiry, mostly places I needed to get healthier, in a report that was emailed to me, with the top treatment highlighted. My question was why my weight loss had plateaued. Recommendations ranged from probiotics and tinctures to essential oils and crystals. We also performed a query on my posture, and how to improve it.

About 5 weeks later, in the aftermath of what turned out to be an intense time of romantic rejection (sometimes those early interactions should not be ignored), bullying, and gaslighting, I had a second general body and emotional scan. The results were extreme and a wake up call to stop any further efforts towards things that were obviously not meant for me. And while I didn’t alter any plans that I made as an individual, any hopes and dreams with anyone who was ignoring or blocking me stopped immediately. Having depleted my energy on unrequited love in the past, this pattern needed to be finally disrupted.

The Third Scan just happened this December, and were about preparations to optimize fertility and reduce stress and anxiety. After a separate 5-part clearing session with a depth hypnosis shamanic practitioner (more information can be found at, I felt much lighter and free of the past, so this scan was about the future and how to prepare my body, mind and soul for it.

It’s just incredible the insights that the Qest 4 machine gives. My scans were eerily accurate representations and reflections of real events going on. I’m able to follow reasonable guidance and improve my life for the better.

I’m quickly summarizing hundreds of pages of results from each session, but I think you get the idea of how effective a Qest 4 scan is. Now it’s time to find out for yourself. My scans were conducted by Charity Lund, who can be reached on IG here

Qest 4 results are so accurate. The scans and practitioner sessions really remind me of homeopathy treatments, only done energetically, and instantly. It’s so modern—a therapy for a new digital age.—Michelle