How to Sparkle

During a life coaching session with the fabulous Tara Quinn, something very joyful materialized. I laughed with delight by how much I’m inspired by the Duchess of Sussex aka MM aka Meghan Markle. It was right after she gave a speech to recent grads, where she used her platform compassionately and intelligently to speak about Black Lives Matter. It was so inspiring.

I’m so impressed by the way MM is a woman who seems to get things done and not in a social climber kind of way. She is successful in her own right, and sparkles, to attract what she wants. Plus she’s a Kappa alumni like me (we both have the key). She’s even wearing the key badge in her official portrait.

So, when I’m stumped and looking for answers, I find myself asking, What Would MM Do? What would I imagine her doing in my situation? Or, my own special spin on the query: What is the most elegant solution?

Meghan seems like a woman who knows how to get what she wants. I admire that and want more of it in my life. We all can take inspiration from Meghan, on how to sparkle.—Michelle