For EVERY Girl

(please note: possible trigger warning)
I’m glad I graduated and had the opportunity leave for college to get away from the boyfriend who attempted to strangle me. Gabby Petito could’ve been me. Instead, I’m grateful every day to be breathing and to have written a book for teens based on my experience,

Let’s all wake up to violence against women and girls, and to the disappearance of women and girls, by teaching everyone this kind of behavior is not acceptable and that it is punishable. There are more resources at my website for anyone who needs help.

It’s been decades since my incident, and I can honestly say, time does heal, as did writing about it. I truly believe that talking about domestic violence and taking action where we can is the way forward. This will look different for everyone.

I’ve always maintained that if my books help even one woman leave an abusive relationship, it will have been worth the emotional toll. Full healing is possible—I’m living proof of it.

Personally, I can say I feel stronger than ever. In the past, trigger events could send me into a downward spiral. Now, I only feel conviction to advocate for things to change. I know that will always be part of my story.

More Soon XO—Michelle