Do you Love Writers & Books? Please Become my Patreon

My writing career (fifth book complete!) and book recommendation and marketing service In the Stacks is growing, and we’re using Patreon to help get the word out.

If you aren’t familiar with Patreon, it’s an easy way for those interested in my work to see new exclusive content and updates before anyone else. By contributing as little as $1 per month, patrons will enable me to dedicate more of my time to creating by helping cover costs of working on what I love.

The Patreon platform connects us with booklover readers and book business people, and helps us grow our community and fan base as we roll out several new products, an app, new books and interactive storytelling games.

It’s an exciting time for us, as we’ve joined with the non-profit developer training group Techtonica to build the next version of the beta app and get it into stores. I’m so passionate about writing and helping readers find new books to read that will change their life.

Please also forward this email to others who are interested in helping a small book business grow!

Here’s the link to join us again. Thanks for reading! Cheers—Michelle Z.