Create Everyday, from Virtually Anywhere

I’ve been working remotely for four years now. Create everyday, from virtually anywhere is my motto, whether I’m in SF, Bali, Barcelona or on the Love Farm with my parents in PA. Beside managing fear, financial changes, and ensuring my family are safe, work hasn’t changed much. If anything, it has expanded. It’s very encouraging to see the world shift into a version of itself that actually supports me working on my small business.

Shelter in place instructions are another story, and I thought since we can’t actually go to them right now, I would make a list of my favorite local spaces here in SF, that I will head to straightaway when SiP eases. Next week? Next month?

—The Assembly


—Shack15 (have not been here yet but am eager to visit)


—The Wing

—ServCorp 555 California

—Other ServCorp location in SF FiDi

In the meantime, during the Covid-19 pandemic, wear a mask and practice social distancing in public. Stay healthy and well XO—Michelle