Welcome to my Website

My portfolio is available for view via the links on the right (best with the Firefox browser).

I have over fifteen years experience in the creative world, working for book publishing, magazine publishing, a photographer, retail, internet and marketing companies. I worked in New York for ten years then moved to San Francisco six years ago, where I currently work as a copywriter, writer and web entrepreneur.

Ideas come naturally to the creative person, and I believe that ‘people who generate good ideas will always generate good ideas.’ Wherever I work, I enhance the creative atmosphere.

Living in San Francisco has ignited my imagination and I am eager to infuse the city with creativity, to inspire and be inspired. If your company needs fresh ideas, contact me at the right.

My career as a magazine writer and editor provides me with precisely the right kind of background to be a top-notch copywriter. And after over five years managerial experience in New York and over six years copywriting experience in San Francisco, I am ready for a copy manager position.

One of the most interesting accomplishments of my career so far is conceptualizing the idea before the hit television show Queer Eye For the Straight Guy. I formulated the story idea for a “boyfriend makeover” magazine article with a friend from college, which appeared in Marie Claire a year before auditions for Queer Eye took place. Marie Claire’s publisher touts in their sales presentation that the magazine and their editors are thought leaders constantly ahead of the curve and uses my article as an example.

Other qualifications for creative copywriting are as follows:

Recently finished my first young adult novels, How Good It Can Be and a sequel The Love Quad, which I’m currently shopping to agents and publishers. You can read my query letter for the novel on the right under Writing.

Wrote beauty copy for TRIA Beauty, Sephora.com and Perricone MD.

Wrote paid blog reviews for the new websites HerFabLife.com and Eco to the People.

Wrote marketing and product copy for Lucy.com activewear.

Wrote a years’ worth of women’s apparel product copy for Banana Republic Online.

Managed the research department at Marie Claire for close to four years.

Wrote product copy/reviews for several high-profile commercial magazines. Product topics include fashion copy and consumer goods such as hiking boots, conferences, tents, energy bars, recipes, books, CDs, concerts, restaurants, food, trends and current events.

Wrote copy and captions for an entire cookbook, which I also edited.

Wrote the copy for a magazine’s events calendar.

Wrote the copy and accompanying captions and text for famous photojournalist Jill Krementz’s Jewish Writer photography exhibit.

At Gap Online, worked as a senior copywriter during a permanent employee’s maternity leave. Wrote marketing copy for several weekly emails, and for the different departments of the website itself, primarily children’s and men’s. Worked with graphic designers in formulating and editing copy to fit the pages. Attended meetings to view the next season’s products. Presented finished pages to marketing and merchandising for approval.

Wrote fashion copy throughout fashion spreads for a few issues of Marie Claire when I was a fashion assistant in the late 90s.

Attended ideas meetings and constantly contributed ideas at every company at which I was employed.

In every editorial job I worked, including all magazines and Benefit Cosmetics, edited copy into that company’s particular style, creating a uniform voice and ensuring easy readability. I am an expert proofreader, and my work is typically error-free.

My work ethic is strong and my work ethos even stronger. I believe in teamwork, where team members support each other to create the best work possible. I thrive in a friendly and organized work environment. My philosophy is that hard work and talent will always speak for itself, and that every team member will have a chance to make her statement. I believe in healthy confidence and diplomacy at work. One of the reasons I left New York was that I don’t believe in The Devil Wears Prada stereotype you sometimes find there. That’s not who I am, as a number of my references will attest.