Coliving and Coworking

For reasons related to being able to put more money and resources into my business, I’ve been coliving for over a year now. I’ve lived in five high-end shared houses, along with longer subletted stays, vacations with family, pet sitting, hotels and hostels.

I’m writing a long article about the experience, an experiment before settling down permanently (in SF and NY) and starting a family. Read the query letter here:



Last year, I decided to give up my junior one bedroom rent-controlled apartment in Nob Hill in San Francisco and start working remotely for a year. I’m feeling adventurous and needed to shake up my life. Create everyday, from virtually anywhere is my mantra. I’ve been referring to it as my gap year before marriage.

Several reasons prompted my decision:

Apartment under construction

Same apartment for 13 years

Sick of living alone

Have been a freelance consultant for a decade and can work from anywhere

Am bootstrapping my startup and need to get the app out

I could save money to put into my business

Would meet new people in new spaces and places

Open to new social activities, mostly centered around tech and entrepreneurship


Since starting the virtual nomad lifestyle, I’ve experienced 4 living situations (soon to be 7) mostly in California, but also New York, Europe and Asia, and 8 coworking offices (soon to be 12). All of these were single bedroom rentals in million-dollar properties, some with food and events included. I’m still working remotely for a few more months and have been writing about my adventures.

Are you interested in a 3-4K word story for your publication? Besides text, I have other media stories available as well, including curated pictures and video of cocktail parties, salons and dinner events I hosted in these gorgeous spaces.

The audience is any professional who wants to travel while working, while they create everyday, from virtually anywhere. I’ve been very productive during this time, and have been inspired to write 5 chapters of my novel, get my app into the next iteration, pitch investors, do work for three paying clients, and create various content, all while meeting new people and trying out living in new cities and neighborhoods.

I’m so excited to share this story with you! Please get in touch if you would like more specifics. Many Thanks, Michelle Z.