Building MyLibrarian in Public


The practice of building in public has been happening for years, but seems to be peaking lately. Happily, MyLibrarian and myself are on-trend. I often blog about what I’m working on, both entrepreneurship, coding and publishing, and shoot videos detailing my craft, sometimes taking it to social media.

This year, however, I’ve gone next level, and just wrapped up writing a full-length novel for teens—Be There—about a female entrepreneur building a storytelling product and raising a round of investor capital, all while working remotely and learning to surf. This is #BuildinginPublic gone #meta since I’m essentially fictionalizing my life, but in a truthful way that will hopefully inspire young women to be builders. Learn to code, ladies@! Shout out to orgs like Women Who Code, who inspired me to learn to code.

This past year, as we went into the second year of the pandemic, what I write about in Be There is exactly what I’ve been doing: building v4 of MyLibrarian, raising our pre-seed, working remotely and learning to surf (I’ve paddled out 14 times!). Everything is coming full circle. The book describes the process of building a tech product, creating and validating a business model, raising a round of funding and more.

You can read the full query for Be There, here. This blurb essentially serves as the back cover descriptive copy for the book when published. Be There is currently with my agent, who is also shopping the dramatic rights to the novel. Since Rihanna makes a few guest appearances, Be There will be a fantastic movie. Think big, dream bigger! And write your reality.

Complete at over 70K words, the book is essentially finished, but is anything ever finished really? It took 10-11 months to write, working part time for 2-3 hours every other day, which is how I create, since working on my startup MyLibrarian is my fulltime focus.

What better way to build in public, than to write an entire novel for teenagers based on my experience! I hope to inspire more teens to become entrepreneurs and prove that it is possible to raise funding as a woman. Even though fundraising has been so difficult that I was able to write an entire book while raising the MyLibrarian pre-seed round and being rejected 99 percent of the time, it is this creative outlet has kept me sane.

Now I can fully devote myself to the public beta launch of the MyLibrarian @In_the_Stacks recommendation app. Producing content that my tech is essentially marketing has only made me a better entrepreneur, truthfully.

Surfing NFTs are next, in collaboration with WeTransact HERchanger NFTs. Stay tuned, lovely builders.—MEZ