Building MyLibrarian in Public: Summer 2022 MyLibrarian Build in Public Blog


Summer? Does it feel like beach weather? Not quite. In San Francisco, the temperature averages 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer is business as usual at MyLibrarian / In the Stacks, especially now that we have 4 B2B LOIs and a provisional patent in the works.

And just like the weather in SF not quite being summer, MyLibrarian has not raised enough pre-seed funding to launch. With 4 LOIs from online retailers who will integrate our API into their online sales experience, and a solid patent application based on our librarian recommendation algorithm and trade secret Librarian Brain database, we’re amping up our development as well.

So, while the mobile and web recommendation app are in a decent build towards v4 being in public beta, and we’re in talks to receive investment from some of the LOIs, it’s a great opportunity to open our pre-seed raise again to more angels who can fund quickly, and are not mired in corporate bureaucracy. We’re customizing API and interface code for a larger customer, and need more funding to do so.

It’s better to be thoughtful and raise enough runway, while we scale users, customers and revenue. Speaking of revenue, our DAO for collection of passive income streams and profit sharing with our librarian content creators is live, the subscription MyLibrarian Book Club is in its 30th month with increasing paid users and we’re in the third season of curating Joy of Mom’s book club, a 2.7M member community. So far, we’ve built a 3MM community we’ll launch to.

We’re still using the funding tool SheFundraises to raise. Enter our deal room here to view our pitch. Want me to join you there? Book a time on my Calendly. Revenue is coming in, and plus we have an exciting new product collaboration this fall. So, we’re making progress. Real summer in SF is in September summer and we’ll get there soon. Cheers—Michelle