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MyLibrarian is Springing Forward in a Big Way

We’re really busy right now, so I’ll keep this update short. I’m excited to announce that we’ve paid our developers a deposit to finish MyLibrarian v4.5! The new and improved app will be on TestFlight in private beta within weeks.

Want to angel invest to get us to public beta launch on TestFlight and scale? Book a meeting with us.

Here’s how we’ll use funding to meet growth goals and revenue milestones:

—We have a $20K purchase order to test our book rec API, so we’ll build that for this enterprise client, which will likely lead to a larger contract with them, and with others.

So glad to have turned the corner, reached a major milestone and be springing forward in a big way. Thank you to our early angel investors who have contributed more funding to get us this far. We are very grateful.

In case you’re wondering where the picture above is from, Our CEO Michelle Z just spoke at the Nostr Web5 conference, on a few different creator-related topics and how MyLibrarian is using the new protocol to increase our revenue streams. You can watch the replay here. We’re integrating P2P payment technology into our community, for multiple additional sources of revenue.

Michelle Z.

p.s. We’re pitching at the May 9 SheFundraises online event. RSVP here.