Building MyLibrarian in Public: Spring 2022 MyLibrarian Build in Public Blog


It’s Spring! We’re building, and seeing seeds we planted last Fall come to fruition. New product features are sprouting. New revenue streams are flowing. New ways of leveraging our colossal creative machine are pumping in new rev.

Specifically, v4 of MyLibrarian is being stitched together. We had many different versions prior to this, and we’ve taken the best of each and built it into the latest v4, which is still in private beta. Our app mimics the reference desk experience, to give book recommendations from the best book experts, Librarians. It’s patent-pending and early users love this unique new way of finding the best unbiased, fresh book picks. Smells like sunflowers $$$$$ to us.

We’ve raised from investors, using the innovative new tool and platform, SheTransacts from Enter the SheTransacts Deal Room here. Want me to join you there? Book a time on my Calendly.

MyLibrarian has also formed a DAO, as a way of sharing profits with our librarian partners, and for collaborating with the influencers who scale our users. So, we have income streams coming into the DAO, and the members who participate the most, get the most quarterly payments. Finally, we’ve figured out a sensible way to pay people.

The MyLibrarian Book Club is in its 28th month. Each month we offer readers an eBook copy of our pick, along with an in-person live author interview and discussion on our private platform, for a low monthly subscription fee.

MyLibrarian is also curating the Joy of Mom Book Club (by MyLibrarian), within their 2.7MM community. We’ll scale our app through these book clubs.

We’re looking for a value-add investor who will introduce MyLibrarian to an online bookseller, where we can integrate the book recommendation data set that powers the MyLibrarian app into their sales experience. MyLibrarian book recommendations are proven to sell books.

What more? We’re leading the Future Founder NFT Trading Card series with #RealRaise. Watch for the launch of the first five cards at the Google Women Techmakers event in April.

Come ride the wave with us! XO—Michelle from MyLibrarian