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Since late July, MyLibrarian has been fortunate to raise funding from several angel investors. We have an amazing chance at a huge contract with an enterprise B2B client, and a PO from them to fulfill, and are building in order to deliver.

We have an insight into what we need to build and are building it! With larger investment we can get our B2C product into public beta faster and launch it to our 3MM community, plus we’ll deliver the API to our B2B bookseller enterprise customer.

Here’s more—someone recently asked for me to re-introduce myself —I’m Michelle Z and this is my founder story. Through the experience of writing six books, I realized book discovery is broken.

People read on their phones and tablets all day long, but when the eBook experience and other new storytelling experiences become even more seamless online, our recommendation system will function best, optimizing search for diverse content and preventing bias. Librarian characteristics will help create more empathetic AI tools. As the writer Neil Gaiman says, Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A Librarian can bring you back the right one, and MyLibrarian solves this problem.

I learned to code and we built an early version of the MyLibrarian web app, and since then we’ve built an Android demo and the iOS will soon be on TestFlight. I’m a product and information architect who leads a stellar team of devs and marketing, and with our fearless COO, we now have a viable business model and patent-pending tech. We’re looking for our next $500K to launch the B2C app (which will turn on several revenue streams) and deliver the API to our B2B customers.

I’m just grateful we’ve made this much progress with only F&F angel funding and self-funding, of course. More at my website and on Wikipedia. We’ll be promoting the beta at the Nostrasia conference, hosted by @Jack, where I’ll be speaking on librarians, journalism, and freedom of speech. We’re building our creator community on the Nostr protocol, which is P2P zap-enabled. MyLibrarian is still closing our pre-seed. View our deck and invest.

Thank you for reading,
Michelle Z

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