Building MyLibrarian in Public: Fall 2022 MyLibrarian Build in Public Blog


It’s been ten years since grad school, when I chose to work on transforming the Book Publishing, Library and Information Science industries and create something new. What started as content curation for books, turned into data curation, and now an advanced machine learning book recommendation engine. No one else has come close to solving the problem we are with MyLibrarian / In the Stacks, and the difficulty of discovery is still there, so we know it is our mission to fulfill.

When was the last time you were overwhelmed by the choices while looking for a story to enjoy? Did you make a good choice? Our tool helps you search for an audible, movie, tv show or eBook, as well as old-fashioned paper books, all based on Books Librarians Love, that you will LOVE.

And librarians really do love books. Besides our consumer book app, we have strong commitments to license our API. We’re gaining traction selling B2B and have landed a P.O., taking recommendations of books librarians love into a bookseller interface, so book lovers can easily find something new to buy.

Other news is we’ve expanded our executive team. In March, our COO Michelle Baum (formerly of Goldman Sachs) joined us. We’re excited to grow and scale further, and are closing a pre-seed round that gives us 18 months runway. I see that this equalizing of societal technology is uniquely ours to solve, and we are committed.

We are poised.

We are building.

We are closing pre-seed now.

We read to expand our minds, and sometimes to relate but never to replicate. We promote independent thought, improving and transforming our lives for the better through the power of story.

There’s a reason Libraries have been around for millennia, and we’re proud to helm the digital Librarian Revolution. Are you in?

p.s. Our event for SF Tech Week was a huge success with 350 RSVPs of founders who want to raise funding. MyLibrarian pitches with SheFundraises as part of our fundraising process. The picture above is of me after the event, looking up the historic spiral staircase at the Mechanics’ Institute, 57 Post St., San Francisco.