Book a demo with MyLibrarian – our app is Live in Private Beta

We are now demo-ing the MyLibrarian Book Recommendation app for interested partners and investors. Book a time here to see the exciting new version of our ML/AI Librarian Brain-powered app in action.

MyLibrarian is a B2C app, with 3500+ users and growing. The app mimics the library reference desk experience and reader advisory to help consumers discover books, and help authors market and sell their stories. Our team of book experts continues to create compelling content with an emphasis on diverse and unbiased selections. MyLibrarian capitalizes on the trust people have in a trained librarian’s ability to connect people with compelling stories. The revenue-generating MyLibrarian Book Club will break even at 500 paying subscribers a month, and proves that Librarians can sell stories.

We will soon be closing our pre-seed round ($225K raised, $375K soft-circled and $200K remaining, possible oversubscription). We are aiming for partnerships with online booksellers, who will utilize our patented API within their sales experience to generate more personalized, inclusive recommendations that aren’t solely made based on revenue and customer reviews. View our pitch deck here.