Analyze This

Michelle SignatureHaving my handwriting analyzed by a forensics expert is one of the top work perks I ever experienced.

I mentioned this in a blog I wrote, and hinted at what was revealed: “The forensic psychologist who analyzed my handwriting a few years ago—a work perk—told me that the air is pretty thin up here.”

She asked that I send her a one-page sample of my writing, and in return she recorded an hour-long feedback session. Her analysis included the following insight:

—Either one or both of my parents are highly intelligent

—I think faster than I can write, evidenced by the dot over my i’s, which is more like a dash

—When I incomplete the tail on my y’s and j’s, it means that I’m unsure about whatever I’m writing about. Oh, and g’s too, any letter with a hanging appendage that requires a follow-through

—She also said that I will love being a parent. I’ll take special pleasure in being a kid again, through having a kid. I’ve been pretty serious from age 16 up until now, so I’m really looking forward to creating a family life that sustains us.—Michelle