Query for The Love Quad

Is it possible to outrun the mistakes of your past? A new chapter opens for sophomore Emma Saffron at college in California. Even though the death of her boyfriend Blake haunts her, she’s thriving in school, as a deejay for the campus station and a member of her sorority, and not giving up on true love.

Just when she thinks her relationship drama is over, Emma falls for handsome hipster Spencer, who’s gay. Emma’s crushed, but they become best friends anyway. Spencer likes Guy, who’s straight, and Guy likes Julia, but she’s in love with Emma. Her new love story develops into a ‘girls who like boys, who like boys, who like girls, who like girls’ dilemma.

A real paradox is revealed as Emma finds herself in THE LOVE QUAD. She faces the abusive past she’s been hiding from, and realizes bad things happen to everybody. You don’t have to let sexual violence, prejudice, fear of coming out, or attempted suicide influence the course of your life. Emma sees all the things that ruined her high school boyfriend happen in the lives of her new friends, but with her help they handle it, without letting it destroy them.

I’m a digital librarian and author living in San Francisco. THE LOVE QUAD, a contemporary New Adult romance, is complete at 70,000 words, and is a kinder The Rules of Attraction meets Hazing Meri Sugarman.