Cover Letter & Bio for Information Architecture

I’m an Information Architect and UX Content Strategist in San Francisco, where I’ve lived for more than ten years. My previous role was as an ecomm marketing copywriter and content curator, editor, and journalist.

In 2012, I received a Masters in Library and Information Science. I’ve been doing IA work since 2007, for my own projects, and now since earning my degree, this is how I want to apply IS: mapping websites using wireframes, work flows, and other prototype blueprint tools. Information Architects are digital librarians who organize and label information, while structuring it into logical search and navigation systems throughout the website. It’s the art and science of shaping and planning a site so visitors can find what they need, fast, for a stellar user experience (UX). I’m also involved in a library startup, In the Stacks, where we’ve created several book recommendation products and curate book discovery.

I’m currently an Information Architect at Sony. In my past work as a UX Architect at GoDaddy, I constructed wireframes for A/B testing to increase customer conversion. Previously, I worked as a content strategist for an education client, where I performed competitive and industry research, audits of existing content, analysis of user needs and created content strategy plans, created content, and developed content templates. I work with project managers, interaction and visual designers and marketing to analyze business needs.

I’ve been wireframing with Balsamiq, but am familiar with other tools as well. I’m working on my visual design skills (I’m proficient on Photoshop, etc.) but am more interested in building 3D/working prototypes, which I’m learning how to do now, through a front-end development 12-week bootcamp (Sept.-Nov. 2014) I really want to be spending my time researching and doing user tests and wireframing – I’m an advocate for iterations of lo-fi prototyping in a lean UX/agile environment.

About Michelle Zaffino

Michelle Zaffino is an Information Architect/UI/UX Strategy consultant living in San Francisco. In 2012 she earned a MLIS, with a specialization in Information Architecture/Digital Libraries, which when combined with her former career as an Ecomm copywriter and content strategist and Research Editor, gives her a unique perspective.

She’s been doing Information Architecture/User Interface/User Experience work since 2007, for her own websites and startup projects. She has experience creating wireframes, work flows, and site maps, interviewing clients, analyzing research and conducting user surveys.

Additionally, she has over fifteen years of copywriting and editorial creative content experience for retail companies in the Bay Area and beyond. She’s written Ecomm marketing and product copy, collateral, store signage, emails and ad campaigns. She’s worked for over 25 clients and is aware of what makes a website work and what doesn’t.

Before moving to San Francisco ten years ago, Michelle lived in New York for ten years where she was a Research Editor for magazines such as Redbook, Elle, and Sports Afield. While managing the research department at Marie Claire, she wrote Does Your Man Need A Makeover?, which inspired tv’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

She’s been published in Marie Claire, Redbook, Sports Afield, SEEN, Double Negative, Sportswear International, IndiePlanet, Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood, The Bold Italic, Her Fab Life, the Sephora blog, Eco Fashion World, Eco to the People and In the Stacks video book review. She recently completed her first teen novel, How Good It Can Be, a sequel, The Love Quad, and a historical novel for teens, and is currently working on a series for young adults and a memoir. She’s also involved in a library/publishing startup.

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