My Kind of Performance Art

With Baker Beach gated and supposedly closed because of the government shutdown, I park on the road outside and jump the guard rail. I hike through the wooded picnic area, and on through the empty lot, where usually, I linger for a half hour vying for a spot.

Trying, failing, and letting go of what’s not working and starting over has been the story of my life lately. It’s been the most stressful time, like the strength of my bonds are being tested. Will the pressure make them stronger?

The sparsely scattered beach lifts me. Sitting on the sand and dreaming, reading and writing, recharges me. Later on, a group who’ve just come from yoga training class, asks if I’ll snap their pose. And as I see what their choreographed statement spells out, I am reminded—be flexible and you won’t break. We all find something that lasts when we are ready for it.—Michelle